Adventurous Desert Elopement in Moab // Rayana & William

Rayana and Will wanted to have a private ceremony where they could read their vows to one another in the wilderness. So when covid hit they were not going to let anything stop them from getting married, “Not even a zombie apocalypse.” said the Bride.

I met the couple out in Moab where we explored around the desert and found the perfect spot for their ceremony. Rayana found her amazing dress on sale for less than $100 (steal!) and they ordered a dried bouquet and vow books from Etsy and as a personal touch Rayana added some dried grass from their backyard to her bouquet.

We met at the trailhead and hiked out into the desert for couples pictures and then found the perfect spot for their ceremony. They read their vows to each other under the summer sun without a soul around for miles just the way they imagined it, and then we drove up to Dead Horse State Park to take pictures until the sun went down.

Rayana and Will’s elopement was exactly what they dreamed- wild, intimate and full of love.