Boho Desert Elopement in Big Bend National Park

Amelia and Michah wanted their elopement to be unique, intimate, and simple so they decided to have an adventurous elopement in Big Bend National Park among the rugged desert landscape which made the perfect backdrop for their ceremony.

I met Amelia and Michah out at their yurt at The Local Chapter, a picturesque clamping experience just a few miles outside of the park where they were finishing up getting ready. Amelia slipped on her dress on the other side of the partition so I was able to capture them both getting ready before their first look.

We packed up the backpack and drove deep into the desert to Santa Elena canyon where they laid out a blanket and dried flowers that Amelia brought along with her for the trip (purchased from etsy of course!) and they exchanged rings as the sun started to peek over the towering canyon walls in the sweetest ceremony.

Afterwards we drove back to their yurt where they signed their marriage license and after making it official we jumped back into the car and and headed off down the road past Terlingua, the coolest little ghost town out in the middle of the desert, stopping by a local church to ring the bell in celebration, probably my favorite part of the day! We found a nice spot along the river to enjoy some champagne and watch the sun go down, which was the perfect end to the perfect day.

Amelia and Michah’s elopement turned out to be an epic day and Big Bend was the perfect destination for their rugged desert elopement, but when you have a couple as cute and in love as these two then it is destined to be an incredible day!