Adventurous Elopement in Breckenridge, Colorado

Nicole and Aaron’s day is as the definition of an adventure elopement – from watching the sunrise, climbing & rappelling mountains, and getting photobombed by mountain goats, their elopement couldn’t have been more epic! Nicole and Aaron wanted to spend their wedding day out in the wild, surrounded by nature with their two fur children, and if you know me then you know I was hooked at furbabies hahaha! They also mentioned that Aaron liked to climb so we thought it would be un to incorporate that into their day and it was such a fun experience.

We met at the top of Loveland Pass for sunrise where there wasn’t a soul around for miles and afterwards Aaron took us to a climbing spot that he found where we hiked up from the road and we had amazing mountain views down the valley as they climbed around. That afternoon we loaded up the pups and made our way out to Blue Lakes where we hikes up to the upper lake from the lower parking lot that was roped off, definitely worth it for those views! We found a spot by the lake where the couple exchanged rings and while we were taking pictures a mountain goat decided to come down off of the mountain and photobombed our session, definitely not mad about it!

While we were walking back down the trail we looked back and saw a moose in the same area we were just at, so cool to see from afar but very glad we got down before it made it’s way to the lake, Moose can be aggressive and with dogs we definitely didn’t want to take the chance! At the end of the day their elopement was filled with tons of adventure, wildlife and love- and it doesn’t get any better than that!