Intimate Antelope Canyon Elopement

Sometimes in life you find yourself in certain situations and places that are so surreal and ethereal you have to pinch yourself to double-check that you’re awake. When I embarked on my session with Brooke and Barry, taking their photos made me feel like I was in a dream the entire time.

There is so much I want to say about how I felt when taking this couple’s photos, but I honestly think that the way Brooke and Barry stated it before we began with the shoot sums it up better than I ever could…

“The most important aspect of our wedding was that it was intimate and adventurous. Sometimes with large weddings, you can lose the importance of why you are there, which is to declare your unending love for each other and dedicate the rest of your lives together. We didn’t want the stress of planning a large wedding, so we opted for a small elopement and it was perfect.”

The statement is more than accurate when it came down to the real thing.

The location was Antelope Canyon, an area that rests on Navajo lands to the east of Page, Arizona. Though we’re not far from civilization, walking through the canyon made us feel transported into another world far from the reaches of anything modern, as if I were wandering through a timeless dream that I didn’t want to see end. Needless to say, it left me almost speechless.

I followed Brooke and Barry (dressed to perfection) into the deep recesses of the canyon, photographing the adoring couple as we slipped further into a cavernous wonderland made up of rich orange and red hues. When you look through these images, you can see the the passion that practically seeps out of the images. It was nothing shy of intoxicating, even more so when night fell and a sea of stars filled the night sky and I photographed the couple entangled in each other’s arms with wide and vivid smiles that I am positive have not faded since their original wedding day.

Brooke and Barry’s relationship is so very much reflected in the destination that we travelled to – dreamlike, enticing, intoxicating and filled with natural beauty. Witnessing them together and helping them preserve these moments in time made me feel so many things.

Most of all, seeing them together showed me that we are all capable of having a timeless, entrancing, and profoundly romantic relationship like theirs.   One that dreams are made of.


The Wedding Team:
Floral Design – Bloom and Blueprint
Makeup Artist – Makeup by Brooke Nicole and Lashes by Daylea
Hair Styling – Rachael Coogle
Wedding Dress – All Things Dulcinea
Groom’s Apparel – Express and H&M
Rings – Rosados Box

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