Carly & Adams Adventurous Elopement in Ouray

Carly and Adam decided to embark on an adventurous elopement in Ouray, Colorado, with towering peaks and cascading waterfalls as their backdrop, they embraced the rugged elegance of the outdoors and were determined to make every moment of their elopement an extraordinary adventure.

Located in the heart of the rugged San Juan Mountains, Ouray is a hidden gem that offers unparalleled natural beauty. Known as “The Switzerland of America,” Ouray offers a perfect backdrop for an adventurous and romantic elopement that will leave you and your partner with lifelong memories. With its majestic peaks, picturesque alpine lakes, and vibrant wildflowers, it proved to be an idyllic backdrop for Carly and Adam’s elopement.

We started our adventure before the sun came up and drove up into the mountains underneath the stars, making our way to the top of the mountain. One of my favorite things about sunrise elopements is you are usually the only ones around and up for miles! They both got ready in the back of the car, each one taking their turn so they could still have a special first-look moment where Carly presented Adam with a special gift she made for him.

Standing at the edge of a cliff with sweeping views of the rugged mountains, Carly and Adam exchanged vows with the pristine wilderness and their two loyal pups, Barkley and Aspen, as witnesses. Clouds rolling over the mountain peaks made for a dramatic backdrop. After their ceremony, the newlyweds gathered with their loved ones where they read their vows in front of close family and friends so they could share in the happiness of the day.

Afterward, Carly and Adam enjoyed a breakfast picnic spread alongside their pups. The serenity of the surrounding nature enhanced their intimate celebration, making every moment truly magical. I don’t think I have ever photographed such an adorable reception! Barkley and Aspen signed the marriage license as witnesses making it official and then the couple shared their first dance as their loyal pups watched lovingly.

Carly and Adam’s decision to forgo a conventional wedding and have an adventurous Elopement in Ouray in nature allowed them to connect and create a day that was uniquely their own. Their love story serves as a reminder that the grandeur of love doesn’t always require an extravagant affair. Sometimes, all that is needed is your partner, your loyal pups, a beautiful view, and the promise of forever.

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