How to Include Your Dog in Your Elopement


One of the best things about choosing to elope (other than you can plan an adventurous day all about your love) is you can bring along your furbabies for the adventure.

As a dog-mom and animal lover, I am ALL about including your pups in your elopement! Luckily there are tons of different ways you can include your pup in your elopement, and I have put together a list of ways you can have your dog be a part of your special day.

Whether that be as the guest of honor or your official witness, that’s right- your dog can actually sign as your witness in some states! I can’t think of anything better than having your dog be a part of your ceremony.


Animals are such a big part of our every-day life,
make them a part of one of your biggest adventures!


Have your pup be your official witness

Yep that’s right, your doggo can actually be your official witness to your elopement and sign your marriage license in Colorado which has to be THE best thing about self-solemnizing in Colorado! Whether you want your pup there as a guest to experience the day with you, or as your officiant officiant, I can’t think of anything cuter than bringing your furbaby along for your elopement adventure!

Some states require one to no witnesses therefore your pet can officially be your witness or even officiant! *Note: Each state has its own requirements and application process, so be sure to check! 

Have your pup act as your ring bearer or flower dog

You can give your pup an important job and they can act as your ring bearer or flower dog. It also gives you a great excuse to buy some pretty flowers for your pup as either a flower crown for the ladies or a handsome flower collar for the fellas.


Have your dog wear a GoPro for a special wedding video

You may or may not decide to hire a professional videographer to capture your day, but having your dog record your wedding will not only result in some adorable footage but an amazing on-of-a-kind perspective. Go Pro Dog Harness

Sure, you might also get some video of them sniffing their butt or chasing a squirrel, but in between those hilariously awkward shots, you’ll get to see your wedding day from their point of view. How magical is that!?



There is nothing truer in the world than the love that a dog has for his humans.


Preparing Your Pup for Your Elopement

Of course making sure your pup is experienced and physically up for the adventure is the most important part. Although some locations require less hiking, if you plan on doing an extensive hike at high elevation it is important to make sure your doggo can handle the journey so that they will be healthy and happy throughout the whole day!


Elopement Day Puppy Gear Checklist & Tips

If you are planning on bringing your pup along on your adventurous elopement, it is important to make sure to pick a location that is dog-friendly. Some locations and trails (like most national parks) are very strict on where dogs are allowed to be so it is be sure to check the specific animal guidelines of your desired location.


Doggie Gear Checklist: To make sure your pup is comfortable and ready for the adventure
– Plenty of water and a water bowl: Collapsable Hiking Bowl, Dog Water Bottle
– Dog treats/snacks
– Harness: Ruffwear Dog Harnesses
– Leash: Wilderdog Leashes
Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags
Waste pack out bag
Dog booties for paw protection
– Doggie first aid kit: Trail Dog Medical Kit
– Glow safety collars: Reusable LED Safety Collar
– Doggie hiking pack: Ruffwear Hiking Backpack
– Go-Pro Dog Harness: Go-Pro Dog Harness
– Custom Pup-Attire: bow ties, flower crowns, bandanas





Get Your Pup Cute Wedding Attire


Whether it is a flower crown for the ladies or a handsome bandana for the fellas, why not give your pup something special to wear on the big day. Nothing will melt your heart like seeing your pup all dolled up for your elopement!

Here are some ideas for how to dress up your pup that will make them look and feel extra special!





Looking for a dog-loving elopement photographer?

As someone who loves animals a liiiiiitle bit more than people (or a lot not gonna lie), then I am your girl! As an adventure wedding photographer and planner specializing in adventurous elopements all around the world, I love helping couples bring their vision to life by creating a day that is completely and uniquely them, while also having an epic adventure!


I would love to help you plan an incredible day!
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