How to Include your Family and Friends in your Elopement

One of the most common questions when it comes to elopements is how couples can include their friends and family in their elopement. I understand that it can be a hard decision for some families to get on board with the idea of an elopement right away, but I am here to help you through the process with some creative solutions to help your family and friends feel included in your day. When it comes down to it, eloping is about your love story- so do that makes you happy and fill your day with nothing but love!

I have created a list of some of the best ways to include your friends and family into your adventure elopement which includes:

1. Have a friend officiate the ceremony
2. Have family and friends help with the details and decor
3. Wear a family heirloom
4. Invite a select few along on your adventure
5. Book a cabin or Airbnb and have a mini getaway with your closest people
6. Send some pictures after the ceremony, the benefits of technology!
7. Plan a reception with all of your friends and family after you elope


1. Have a friend officiate the ceremony

In many states it is still required to have an officiant and two witnesses sign your marriage license, so why not invite a few friends along to help out! I have found that it makes the ceremony more personal this way and couples prefer to have a friend in their ceremony pictures rather than an officiant that they do not know. However if you are interested in eloping just the two of you, I am also an ordained officiant and can make your ceremony legal! Often my couples elope just the two of them and afterwords we will find two hikers passing by to witness and sign as I make it official, a super fun and easy way to make it official!


2. Have family and friends help with the details and deco

Have friends and family help with the details and decor – like helping you pick our your wedding attire, you can have a friend make you a bouquet or a custom mini cake, that way they can be there in spirit. I have actually had couples do all of these things!


3. Wear a family heirloom

Wearing a family heirloom during your elopement is a great way to keep your family close to you in spirit. This can include a grandmothers ring, a personal handkerchief, borrow a veil or cuff links from a loved one. There are many different ways to make your ceremony that much more personal by including these little details.


4. Invite a select few along on your adventure

If you elope in a state that requires witnesses and an officiant (as I mentioned above) then it can be a great option to have a few friends and family tag along for the adventure!


5. Have a mini-getaway with your closest people

There are some amazing little rentals and airbnb’s that you can rent out for a weekend for a mini-getaway with your family and friends, OR go big and make a vacation out of it and invite your closest friends and family along on your adventure!


6. Send some pictures after the ceremony, the benefits of technology!

The great thing about technology is that we have that instant gratification by being able to take and send photos instantly. I always encourage my coupes to take a few wedding selfies, because it is the only day that you can do so! I am always happy to take a few on your phone so you can send to friends and family right away. I will also try to have preview within just a few days so you can share them with family and friends and post them online. I have even had some couples not tell anyone they were eloping (except for some select family) and then they posted their elopement pictures to announce they were married, such a fun idea!!


7. Plan a reception after your elopement

Most if not all of my couples who elope plan some sort of reception/party/BBQ after their elopement to celebrate with family and friends. This way they get to spend all of their time with their guests (instead of being held up doing wedding traditions) AND they can share their pictures from their epic adventure with everyone, a win win!!


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