Sunset Elopement at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Kelsey and Justin knew from the start they they wanted to have an intimate ceremony with their kids, immediate family, and best friends present. They wanted to have a day that focused on them as a couple and forget about all of the wedding “fluff.” As a fellow photographer Kelsey knew that she wanted to have an epic backdrop and they chose Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona as their wedding destination.

Kelsey fell in love with the slot canyons in the area but most of the canyons in the area are guided tours and many still required face masks so we chose slot canyon outside of town to explore where we had a little more freedom of exploring without a guide. If you haven’t visited Page before I would HIGHLY suggest booking a tour to go through Antelope Canyon, it is the most beautiful slot canyon I have ever visited but unfortunately they do not allow photo session tours anymore but it is still an amazing experience to walk through the canyons and capture the beauty with your personal camera/phone.

I met Kelsey and Justin bright and early on the trail to the slot canyon so that we could get back to the cars and beat the heat and sun of the day. We spent the morning exploring the slot canyons almost entirely to ourselves, only passing a few hikers on the way. I always suggest doing a sunrise hike in the desert, the heat can sneak up on you quick and it is always a good idea to avoid the midday sun during the hottest part of the day. We made our way back to the trailhead and took a lunch break to get ready for the sunset ceremony.

I met up with them back at their airbnb in town where Kelsey was helping their little girl get ready, and we drove out to Horseshoe Bend with their friends and family for their ceremony. I haven’t been out to Horseshoe since they remodeled the area and created a new path which makes it much easier to walk down to the canyon and is even handicap accessible now!

We found a spot along the rim of the canyon where they were married by a mutual friend in a short and sweet ceremony and then we explored the edge of the canyon while the sun set behind the red rocks. Kelsey and Justin adventured from sunrise to sunset for their elopement and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!