Intimate Winter Elopement in Telluride // Angela + Peter

Intimate Winter Elopement in Telluride

Have you ever attended a wedding in the middle of a blizzard? Peter and Angela’s elopement in the mountains near Telluride was one of the most exhilarating and charming weddings I have had the pleasure of being able to photograph. From snow-capped mountains to street festivals to a man dressed as a dancing bear, this wedding will forever be burned into my mind as one of the most memorable and unique affairs I have ever witnessed.


The wonderful couple, Peter and Angela, residents of Denver, chose to elope off of the beaten path tucked back in the mountains. Colorado is breathtaking at any given time of year, but in the winter when everything is covered in snow, it adds a kind of charm that is near indescribable.


I remember the journey up the mountain to the spot for the ceremony; Peter and Angela both dressed in their immaculate wedding attire with Peter’s suit amusingly topped off with a pair of snow boots to help aid in trekking the powdered-up pathways. The elements were really stacked against us, yet smiles were plentiful from dusk till dawn, even as the snow began to fall and consume everything in its path, including the very moment the lovely couple said their nuptials and tied the knot. My favorite from this set, though there are many, is the moment that Peter and Angela kissed and became man and wife, both of them shrouded in snow but with no concerns, cares, worries or feelings other than the immense love they shared with each other in that moment. It’s hard not to shed a tear or two of joy when looking back at those stills


After the ceremony had ended – that’s when the real fun began!


After descending the mountain and making our way back into Telluride, we found ourselves in the midst of a vibrant and lively street festival filled to the brim with dancing, bands, beer, and eye-catching characters spruced up in all sorts of colorful costumes and attire, including a man dressed as a dancing orange bear that managed to sneak his way into the party. It was a welcomed intrusion, to say the least! The image of Peter and Angela dancing together in the streets as man and wife will make me laugh and smile every time I look back at the photos.


I have photographed many weddings and I feel very connected to each one that I capture. At the end of the day, in my opinion, the best images that you capture are for the truly, undeniably, head-over-heels in love with one another loves. The kind of love that radiates and sets the example for what love is and how we are all capable of finding a counterpart in our lives that adores and cherishes us with no bounds and steadfast loyalty. Peter and Angela are one such couple, and every frame of their union that I was able to capture speaks volumes of the love they have for one another, you know that the flame they have for each other is one that will never burn out.

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